Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. ?

Okay, so this isn't a bad dating story, but it is something I thing about. Two lists: things that will make me a good wife (in my opinion, obviously) and things I need in a husband.

I can roast a perfect Thanksgiving turkey.
I know how to manage home improvement projects like floor replacement and kitchen renovation.
I like to watch sports.
I like to do the dishes, I find it very cathartic

Needs to be able to make eggs; I love to eat them, suck at making them. Yes, it is ironic that I can roast a turkey and not make scrambled eggs.
Keep a good household budget; try as I might, I am not so good with money. Except of course, spending it.
Ability to fix small projects, like when you come home and the top living room window falls open, someone needs to close it. (or when you're single you call the doorman for help)

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