Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So obviously sleepover dates have huge potential. Potential to be awkward, potential to be romantic, and worst case scenarios, down right gross.

The 40-year-old and I did an overnight at his place one night and then the following weekend, we went to my place. No sex, just not ending the date until the AM. Oh, but there was a small difference the night we went to my place.

He and I actually didn't go on a date, I met up with him after doing BYOB dinner with my girlfriends. 8 girls, 7 bottles of wine and not enough Thai food. Yes, a great state to be in when meeting up with a guy who you are still getting to know.

Needless to say, when we went to sleep, I passed out in bed. Slept quite well and didn't wake up with a hangover. But when I woke, I was alone in bed. He moved to the couch because he said I was snoring too loudly.

OMG, how embarrassing. There is nothing dainty, girly, pretty, etc about a girl who is snoring so loudly the guy moves to the other room. I'm a bit old fashioned and think that only men snore, except, I know that I sometimes do it myself.

A friend of mine decreed this awful of him and was bothered, said it was rude. I was just so embarrassed, I didn't know how to act.

Either way, we didn't last too long, but what do you think? Was he rude or was I just a little too drunk to handle?


  1. He was totally rude. He never should have embarrassed you like that!! There is a big difference between saying "you have something in your teeth" and totally horrifying you like that.

    Rude dude. Enough said!

  2. Your friend was right! One thing to say Wow, you were sleeping pretty hard, another to completely change rooms. That's not just rude, that was kind of asshole-y.

  3. uh rude. most definitely. i can't believe he moved to another room. horrifying!

  4. Rude...very rude! Luckily, Mr.Manners is a thing of the past. :-)

  5. I think he should have lied and said something like he was having trouble sleeping and didn't want to wake you up.