Friday, June 5, 2009

The Harvard

There was a comment in the last post, from the fabulous C, and it reminded me of The Harvard.

That was our code name for sex so we could talk about it over work email without raising any red flags. It started because I was going to have sex with a guy and it didn't happen the night that I initiated and then we didn't talk about it EVER after that. Similarly, a friend of mine was dating a guy who mentioned that he got into Harvard Business School and then they never talked about it.

So, simple analogy and we had a code name for sex. And when there was any development in a relationship in that sense, you had to announce you had the Harvard.

My sister thought it was terrible that we used one of the most prestigious universities as our code name, but it just stuck.

I did end up having sex, or the Harvard with the guy and her guy moved to Cambridge for B school and they split up...but you can't help but laugh at the name and the connotation.

We could always use the other Ivies as a code for other things that you do on dates and in bed, hmm, something to think about ladies.


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