Monday, June 1, 2009

Um...a chaperone?

So I went on date #3 with a guy this past week. I've nick-named him "super fun guy" because we have a lot of fun together, but that's all I was getting from him. A lot of fun and a lot of beer. I was ready to say no after date #2, but there was still a strong attraction, so date #3 was make-it or break-it for me.

We first met at a charity event, did meals/drinks/sports shortly after the initial meeting for dates #1 and 2. I normally like a little more woo-ing on a date, but as the name implies, I had fun with this guy.

So, date #3, we make plans the day before, he tells me "dinner and drinks" and I'll be coming from work. He will not be coming from work because he is a bouncer trying to find his future/his dream job. I don't judge, but he's really, who dates a 36 y.o. bouncer? Oh yeah, me.

Needless to say, I have high hopes for date #3. He texts me at 6, we are supposed to meet at 7. Asks if it is okay if he brings his friend Bob to the date. I think I met Bob at the charity event, so.... I say OK. I'm picturing one of the thirtysomething guys he was hanging with the night we met.

Seriously- Bob is older than my dad. The third wheel on our date was SFG's old mentor when he used to work in finance. There is no romance and very little getting to know each other when you feel like a chaperone is on the date too. Lots of small talk and current events, but its like being at dinner with your friend's parents; you never really relax.

And it gets better...Bob paid for dinner. Which then made me wonder, did 30-something bouncer bring Bob along to pay? That is not how you impress a girl. Instead, you make her decide that there will definitely be no date #4.

I am a bit nervous about running into Super Fun Guy around the neighborhood because he lives 3 blocks north of me (in NY, that is sooooo close) , but I will have to thank him for giving me the date that pushed me over the edge to publish "In the City".



  1. Now for a pop-quiz question!!!

    The phrase "the harvard" came into style when T was dating which lucky bachelor:
    1. UBS guy
    2. thirtysomething bouncer (aka Super Fun Guy)
    3. Fast Eddie
    4. 40 yr old virgin

  2. Wow. I am cracking up over this.

  3. hahahahahahaha. freaking LOVE it!! except super fun guy sounds like super fun kid.

    ps: found your blog and love it already. please keep the posts coming!

  4. Oh.My.Gosh! No friggin' way! That is too funny.

    Stopping by from d.a.r.'s and I can't wait to read more!