Thursday, August 13, 2009


So remember how triumphant I felt the other day? When I met a guy and totally went for it?

Yeah, that didn't really work out as well as I had hoped. Below is a quick timeline of our "communication".

Met Saturday late afternoon, hung out until 11:30 pm
Me- texted him Sat night so he had my number
Him- texted back Sun around 12:30pm, I replied
Me- called him Mon night
*Only did this for two reasons, normally, I make the guy call me. But, when he gave me his number he said "Here is my number so you can call me" and also, I was leaving town Thursday so I thought maybe if I called Mon, we could have drinks on Wed. Otherwise, I would have waited until Tuesday.

Never hear back from him so mentally, I give up. Not giving up on dating, just a feeling that he won't call.

Fri 3:30 (I'm at the beach) - he texts
Fri 5:30 - I reply to text saying I'm at beach
Fri 8:30 - I text again to see if he wants to make plans for this week (motivated my alcohol, oops!)

And then, never heard from him. His 4 or 5 day window between communication is up, so I'm officially declaring him uninterested and have given up.

I think one mistake I made was texting him twice on Friday, but at the same time, if he was interested, he would have responded at some point. I'm just annoyed he teased me with the Friday text. He should have just never replied after the Monday call and I would have gotten the message.

Oh well- it is summer and people don't really date in New York in the summer because they're at the Jersey Shore/Hamptons/other beaches and it is too hot to mingle.

I'm just going to review my dating book this month and get ready for dating in September!

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